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HP Business Printing Reinvented:  Spring Launch Event

Creating engaging content for our clients’ marketing events is something BLC has been doing since its inception.  The challenge beyond the creative for these events is often the format and technical requirements of the deliverables given the ever-changing landscape in screen and projection technologies. And, HP’s worldwide Reinventing Printing:  Spring Launch Event was no exception. 

Kicking off in Lisbon, Portugal with events following in Asia and North America, the Reinventing Printing event would utilize different screen and projection technologies at each venue: a giant, 4-screen video cube, a large, extra-wide, 3-screen installation as well as a large-format 16:9 screen. BLC worked directly with the individual event technology staffs to ensure all BLC content was delivered timely and streamed and displayed flawlessly at each unique global venue.

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