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HP Inkology with

Thom Brown

Thom Brown the Original HP Inkologist demonstrates for consumers the true quality, reliability and value you get when purchasing Original HP Ink. HP Inkology was the first in a series BLC produced for HP highlighting the benefits of Original HP Ink and was utilized across various social media platforms and retail POS. 

Thom Brown also hosted the HP Ink Challenge, a series of head-to-head competitions between Original HP Ink and the competition, where 96 real participants using 192 printers learn how HP Original Ink out performs the competition. And, the results are in, Original HP Ink is the true value.


HP asked BestLight Creative to create videos to highlight the results in a sharable form for use on their social sites. Using Thom Brown as host and incorporating real participant video, comments and feedback to ensure transparency and authenticity, the videos were results focused and demonstrated how Original HP Ink is clearly the “best value overall”.


Inkology with Thom Brown along with videos highlighting HP Ink Reliability and the Refill Experience are featured below.


Inkology with Thom Brown

Ink Challenge:  Reliability

Ink Challenge:  Refill Experience

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