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HP PageWide

University of Freiburg

To tell a good story, you need to ask the right questions. This work starts long before any of the cameras roll, and it is imperative that not only do you understand your client’s objectives, but you need to balance those with the objectives of the customer being featured in the content. Here, it was very important for University of Freiburg to be able convey their environmental commitment and how that influenced their purchase decision, whereas HP had more diverse communication objectives regarding the HP PageWide technology benefits for the video.


The result a compelling, cohesive story highlighting the many benefits of HP’s revolutionary new-line of PageWide printers and how those printers integrate into the University of Freiburg’s environmental commitment and economic goals.


Freiburg University Freiburg, Germany--English Version

Freiburg University Freiburg, Germany--German Version

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