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Kärcher North America

Short-Form Video

We have all heard the phrase “Less Is More”, and nothing is more relevant today when it comes to video ads in the digital space with consumer’s ever decreasing attention spans. The short-from video ad is now an indispensable part of any digital marketing strategy.  Plus, in a medium where engagement is king and “clickthroughs” and “completion rate” are the measures of success, the short-from ad can provide brands significant opportunities to create better viewer experiences and improve their digital ROI. And given the public’s insatiable appetite for digital content and all things social, short-form video is here to stay. 


Here are a few recent short-form ads BLC created for some of Kärcher North America’s brands to leverage across their various social channels.

Landa Spring On It Sale

Hotsy Grand Slam Sale

Hotsy Pressure Washers Intro :15

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